Open Data Certificates

Open Data today find fertile ground in a variety of information sources, and modern applications. The publication, maintenance and associated facilities, is a challenge for those who wish to edit. The openness standards must be distinct, clear and to promote cooperativeness and crowdsourcing.

The Open Data Institute has been operating for three years in order to promote the culture of Open Data in society, the economy and education. It aims at supporting the production, distribution and maintenance of better quality data. This is done by information campaigns, counseling and disposing of Open Data Certificates, which that producer / creator can automatically identify the Open Data. The certification process produces different quality levels of openness, under defined and accepted criteria from across the research community and the ODI. A very important benefit for the producer / creator of the data is that is most easily understood what needs to be done to further optimize the quality of the data.

The credentials are automatically provided in the form of badges, which are divided into four (4) levels: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. It is important a producer / creator to take at least BRONZE badge and try in the future to improve the data. Not taking badge means that the data in question do not meet the basic openness criteria (ie. Not considered open).


grThe questionnaire is provided in Greek language, but is still in beta version supervised by ODI Athens Node.

On 01.21.2016 the ODI announced Open Data automatic certification. Following an automated process, each person will be able to automatically identify the data (that should be kept in CKAN repository). The information can be collected from this repository is enough to be awarded at least BRONZE badge. This is an ideal solution for a large organization (with several sets of data), as the questionnaires constitutes a time consuming process. The Athens node is actively participating, has created a CKAN module with which the respective producer / creator will be able to view the badges of automatically certified Open Data sets.

Ioannis Raptis – ODI Athens Node

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