3rd SC6 Hangout | 28.09.2016 | Citizens’ Budget at Municipal Level | Use Case for BDE SC6

28th September @ 15:00 – 16:00 CEST

WHAT: BDE Webinar on ‘Citizens’ budget at municipal level – Use Case for BDE SC6’
WHEN: 28.09.2016, 15.00pm CEST
WHERE (Info & Registration): https://www.big-data-europe.eu/event/sc6-hangout-3/

Presenter: Michalis Vafopoulos (NCSR Demokritos) and Martin Kaltenböck (Semantic Web Company)
Moderator: Ivana Versic (CESSDA, Acting Administrative Director)

Webinar Description:
Local government budgets are filled with so many numbers and technical jargon that the ordinary readers cannot easily understand what they mean. At the same time, data in municipal level cannot be widely reused by researchers because are often aggregated in time and scale and do not use common international standards. Furthermore municipalities more and more are publishing Budget Execution Data (income and expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly basis). Hence, it is needed to have a clear and simple summary guide (visualisations) as well as raw data to the municipal budget for citizens (the so called citizens’ budget), researchers and decision makers. At the moment we are dealing with data from three municipalities, namely Athens, Kalamaria and Thessaloniki budget execution data in detail (account level). Further data from additional data sources (also from outside of Greece) should be integrated e.g. in a 2nd step of the Pilot realisation.Municipal budget data should be distributed through the web as:

  • Auto-updated infographics
  • Simplified categories of revenues and expenses
  • Comparative Economic Indicators per Municipality
  • Data dumps
  • A data API

To ensure scalability and performance with a growing amount of data, as well as smooth data integration from different sources in several formats the Big data Europe Aggregator Platform is being used to realise this BDE SC6 Pilot on top of Big Data technology and principles.

Expected impact:

  • Citizens will have the opportunity to understand, comment, and propose actions related to the budget of their municipality,
  • Researchers and Journalists, without any prior technical knowledge, can download and analyse available data.

Pilot will enrich the opportunities for accountability, transparency and research innovation.


  • Introduction & Welcome – Ivana Versic
  • The SC6 Pilot, Citizens’ budget at municipal level – Michalis Vafopoulos
  • Technical Architecture & Components – Martin Kaltenböck
  • Moderated Q&A
  • Summary and Fare Well
    This Webinar is run by the Big Data Europe Project : www.big-data-europe.eu

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