Press Release | Event: Open Data. Now! | 26.10.2016 @18.00 | INNOVATHENS, Greece

Open Data. Now!

On Wednesday 26 October, 18.00, SciFY, ODI Athens and SKEL Lab of NCSR “Demokritos” and INNOVATHENS, invite you to attend the 14th SciFY Academy: Open Data. Now! The event is sponsored by the EU project Your Data Stories.

During the event, distinguished speakers from the business and scientific research fields will present innovative projects. These projects produce or utilize open data at both research and enterprise level. Current developments and future directions of the data sector in Greece and abroad will be discussed.

Specifically, the event will commence with a speech by Mr. Nikos Sarris, Head of Operations, Innovation Lab at Athens Technology Center (ATC), in reference to the REVEAL project and how it contributes to explaining social media concepts. Then, Mr. Iraklis Klabanos, researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR “Demokritos” shall present the research project Big Data Europe, within the framework of which 16 organisations from 10 European countries collaborate for the future of Big Data in Europe. After that, Mr. Christos Smyrnios, working at Unisystems, shall speak about the value created as a result of resources and data.

Representing Agroknow, Mr. Mihalis Papakonstantinou will present the ways in which open connected data may become a source for entrepreunership opportunities in the sector of agriculture. Mr. Michalis Vafopoulos, researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR “Demokritos” shall present the role/contribution of open data in the field of economy. Finally, Mr. Alexandros Noussias from the Open Technology Organisation will explain the ways which may be utilised for securing our privacy within an environment of open data, through balanced models.

Presentations will conclude with an open discussion.

The event is targeted at students and graduates of Informatics Schools, Informatics companies employees or companies that support and provide informatics solutions and Public Institutions, founders and members of startup enterprises, web entrepreneurs and Public Sector employees (Public and Local Administration). Additionally, the event is targeted at anyone who wishes to develop services or applications, based on open data, as well as  anyone interested in the latest developments in the open data field.

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