Open Data in the Greek Public Sector

On Tuesday 29 November 2016, ODI Certified Trainer, Fotis Routsis, made a presentation about Open Data in a closed meeting at the Greek Ministry of Education.

The scope of the meeting was for the Managers of the Ministry to be briefed around the Greek law on Open Data, which dictates that every Public Sector organisation in Greece is obligated to publish their datasets as Open Data.


Over 150 participants attended the presentation, from various levels of the Ministry’s hierarchy, between them the General Secretariat of Education and members of higher Management of the main divisions of the Ministry.

The presentation (which was held in Greek) aimed to help participants understand basic principles of Open Data and to also acquaint them with simple steps on producing machine readable data.

Closing the event, the participants commented on the importance of the presentation as it helped them realise basic concepts and simple steps to publish their data.

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