Apostolos Kritikos

Apostolos Kritikos holds an MSc in Software Engineering and specializes in Free / Open Source Software and Agile Methodologies. He has been a research associate with the Informatics Dept. at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2008 and has been involved in several EU funded projects as a developer, analyst and project manager. He is the co founder of a Digital Marketing / Web Development Agency based in Greece called Social Mind in which he invests most of his time.

As a volunteer he coordinates Open Thessaloniki, an individuals’ workgroup trying to bridge the gap between Open Data / Open Government and the people of Thessaloniki, and he is the host of Open Coffee Thessaloniki, a monthly meetup for young entrepreneurs / startups that focus at new technologies and innovative products and / or services.

He believes in the power of openness and that the right use of open data can drive innovation to companies, organizations (for / non profit) and the government. He aspires, through his training, to make clear the benefits of the “right use” to the aforementioned group of beneficiaries.

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