Fotis Routsis


Fotis ( is a Freelance Web Developer based in Athens, Greece.

He holds a BSc in Informatics from Athens University of Economic and Business and an MSc in Health Informatics. Since 2007 he works as a Freelance Web Developer and Consultant and has participated in various projects. He is member of the Greek FOSS community and he is actively involved in most of the community activities.

As a Web Developer he always tries to keep up with the new trends around the Web and the latest technologies around it. Although he is a backend web developer focused on code and algorithms he also gets in touch with front-end stuff making the web more beautiful!

From 2009 to 2012 he was part of the Open Government Initiative ( of the Greek Prime Minister’s Office and had the chance to get involved on large scale Open Government projects mainly focused on Transparency and Improvement of Public Administration. His passion on Open Data emerged via his activities as a member of the where he realized the need for Open Data and the potential they have.

When not coding or in front of his laptop he pretends to be an adventurous guy by scuba diving, spearfishing or in the winter snowboarding.

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