Vassilis Chryssos

Vassilis is a co-founder and COO of Ex Machina.

He is an Open Data Institute (ODI) certified trainer in open data since 2015. He holds a Production Engineering & Management Degree, an MEng in Production Systems, an MEng in Quality Control & Environmental Management, from the Technical University of Crete and a Certificate of Pedagogical Training from  the Institute of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Athens.

He is co-founder and administrator of, a non-profit that deploys and manages a community wireless network in 14 villages in central Greece. He is also a co-founder of FOSS Office, an open technologies experts’ network for office automation.

Vassilis is an expert in environmental and weather open data. He has worked in Greek and EU funded open data projects as an instructor and has participated in numerous conferences as an open data evangelist.

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